Thursday, January 31, 2013

Experimentation - Yea or nay?

This is a rough draft of (essentially) trading card sized reference cards for the Bastards of Foreven.  Currently the prototypes include NPCs, small craft, starships, vehicles, and planets.  This could (potentially) be expanded to animal encounters, organizations, criminal groups, equipment, and more.  I'm currently seeking input on the idea to see if it has any interest.  Comments and criticism welcome.  3.5 x 2.5 inch (standard poker size) cards, pic above shows the front on the top row, with the back below it.


  1. Actually, I think something like that would come in quite handy. These would be based on the T5 Core Rules?

  2. Currently everything is set up for MgT. I'm not sure how the license for T5 is going to work at this point; that's one of the things I haven't delved into just yet. But that is an option I'm certainly looking at. With the arrival of T5 in the very near future, it would make sense to support T5 if I'm able. It just depends on T5 licensing, tho. As I understand it, T5 and MgT should port very well, though.