Thursday, October 11, 2012

2013 Calendar Submission - Missing Man

This year we, as a Traveller community, lost Andrew Boulton, one of the most influential CGI artists involved with Traveller.  He helped me along with advice more than once, and even though I didn't know him personally, his loss was still quite a blow to me.  This is for Andrew, and all the others that we've lost over the years.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot Spots 1: Drifters Dock released!

Starships aren't built in a studio; they're forged in the Ironworks.

Welcome to Hot Spots, the latest release from DSL Ironworks. Hot Spots are designed to be quick locations used in your Traveller games. Need a bar for a shady meeting in a hurry? Perhaps a desert outpost, a landing bay, starport concourse, or an ancient ruin? Hot Spots are designed to fill that need, featuring full color interior and exterior renders, scalable maps, notable NPcs, and adventure hooks to give the busy GM everything he or she needs to drop that location into their campaign.

Hot Spots are compatible with all Traveller products, but setting neutral so that they can be dropped into any campaign. Background details are left vague enough so that each GM can fill them in with information that fits their game.

Drifters Dock, Hot Spot 1 is available exclusively through