Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bastards of Foreven: Fleet Book 1

Currently in process, Fleet Book 1 will be a bit of a departure from the other ship books in the Quick Decks line, being more of an homage to CTs Fighting Ships book (although with more detail).  Currently, there will between 14 and 18 ships of various sizes, ranging in size from 10 fighters to 1000 ton mini-jump tenders.  The book will include black and white line art (a newish technique I've been working on), short descriptions, deckplans, and full stats for the base ship types.  Here are some sample pages, still WIP.

I'm hoping to have the PDF available in the next week or so, with softcover and hardcover versions available as soon after that as I can get proof prints. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quick Decks 5 released, next projects in the pipeline.

DSL Ironworks is proud to announce the release of Quick Decks 5: Salient-class Patrol Frigate!  This 500 ton workhorse is an alternative for the Type C cruiser, with much heavier weaponry and armor at a similar performance.  Available on!

We've also created a bundle deal, including all four of the current Bastards of Foreven products - Stories from the Frontier, Planetary Reference Cards for the Halverdi Cluster, Kankur-class courier, and the Salient-class patrol frigate.  Buy all four, save 25%!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Works in progress...the Salient-class Patrol Frigate and G-carrier.

Well, now that the internet is back up, I can finally post a few of the things I've been working on this week - a 500 ton J-3, 4-G patrol frigate and its G-carrier.  Soon to be out in Quick Decks 5: Salient-class Patrol Frigate.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's done! Book 0, Stories from the Frontier released.

Book 0: Stories of the Frontier serves as the indtroductory guide to the DSL Ironworks version of the Foreven Sector setting, referred to as The Bastards of Foreven. Included within is an introduction to the setting, an explanation of the standards and assumptions used in this Alternate Traveller Universe, a history of Foreven, a sample vehicle, a sample starship, a sample world, and basic information for one of the subsectors. It also includes a discussion of major powers found in Foreven, criminal groups, mercenaries, and a short introductory adventure with enough story hooks to launch an entire campaign. It is designed to allow players and referees hit the ground running with the framework of a rich, immersive setting on the fringes of the official Traveller universe. It also paves the way for future supplements, world and ship books, and complete adventures and campaigns.

You can get it exclusively on

Saturday, February 23, 2013

100 ton Yacht in Book 0: Stories from the Frontier

Just a quick update tonight, with more to follow tomorrow.  Two test renders of a 100 ton yacht that will be detailed in Book 0: Stories from the Frontier.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Planet cards, 1st Subsector, just about done!

Well, that was fun. I sat down Thursday night and started setting up some cards to figure out how long it would take to lay them out. Just finished the 27 worlds of the first subsector (P, just across the border from the Five Sisters). I still need to work up 4 more images for card fronts, but the data is all there. I just need to run through everything and make sure the database, subsector map, and card data all agree, then I'm going to send them off for pre-press to make sure they're good to go by end of day tomorrow. Then finish Book 0 and get started on the subsector book that will have these worlds more detailed (with maps, timelines, etc).