Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Up next!

After finishing the Dragonfly* 10 ton fighter, I decided I should finish off some of the stuff I've had hanging around for a while before starting a big new project (the next Technical Manual). I was digging through my files for almost ready items, and the 1000 ton Starstrider class jump carrier is one of those. I finished the model a looong time ago, but never finished it in time for inclusion in the Foreven ship books. I decided it was time to finish this bad boy off. So, I'm finishing the B&W rendering stuff today, and working on the write up and formatting. I had hoped to have this finished in November, but new arrivals in the family and the holidays kind of tweaked that idea. This should be out soon, and then we're going to take a look at another unfinished big boy, the 1000 ton Tentedal-class Patrol Carrier (an older Zho model used by the Avalar Consulate). That may take a bit longer, as it still needs deckplans (although the model is 90% finished) and the BW texture treatment. There may also be a couple more Zho fighter and utility craft variants to go along with it.

*The Dragonfly-class Fighter is available right now on  my Patreon page for patrons.  It will also be released in the next Foreven ship book, along with the Starstrider.

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