Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TNS Foreven News (Historical Archive)  225-0930
   Iazplrabr (0720 Foreven) continues to suffer under the effects of the disease known locally as dranzhtlas (the sun death).  The colony here, established by the Zhodani corporation ladria Vlovl to support shipping to Obledliej (0422 Foreven), first reported this disease five months ago.  Dranzhtlas manifests as photodermatitis, making victims extremely sensitive to UV radiation, with chills, fever, nausea, and rapid darkening of exposed skin.  Prolonged exposure can lead to death.  The causes of this disease are unknown, but thought to possibly be a reaction with something in the atmosphere.  ladria Vlovl representatives assure the public that a team of experts have been called in, and are expected to arrive within the next month.

As I add more to the Bastards of Foreven, I'll be posting more Traveller News Service snippets as I go.  They'll either be current news (roughly 1105 Imperial) or historical notes from before that period.  These will be cross posted to my Patreon activity feed and my DSL Ironworks facebook page.  Created modules will be posted to the Patreon activity feed as soon as they are completed, and will be released as products down the road a bit.

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