Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bastards of Foreven: Fleet Book 1

Currently in process, Fleet Book 1 will be a bit of a departure from the other ship books in the Quick Decks line, being more of an homage to CTs Fighting Ships book (although with more detail).  Currently, there will between 14 and 18 ships of various sizes, ranging in size from 10 fighters to 1000 ton mini-jump tenders.  The book will include black and white line art (a newish technique I've been working on), short descriptions, deckplans, and full stats for the base ship types.  Here are some sample pages, still WIP.

I'm hoping to have the PDF available in the next week or so, with softcover and hardcover versions available as soon after that as I can get proof prints. 


  1. It will be soon, along with some other goodies I've had in the pipeline as well.

  2. The first part, Book 1: Small Craft, is available now!