Saturday, February 23, 2013

100 ton Yacht in Book 0: Stories from the Frontier

Just a quick update tonight, with more to follow tomorrow.  Two test renders of a 100 ton yacht that will be detailed in Book 0: Stories from the Frontier.


  1. Is stories from the Frontier suppose to be a Traveller supplement then? The render looks great!

  2. Oh, absolutely. Book 0: Stories from the Frontier is going to be the introduction book to our setting, with a view of Forevens history, minor powers, and a host of other information. Developed for MgT, Book 0 will include a sample vehicle (10 ton ATV), a sample starship (the yacht mentioned in this post), a sample world, and an introductory adventure to kick things off. I'm hoping to get things finalized within the very near future, depending on how things go and my workload of other stuff, with an eye toward a (very) early March release. Since this product is going to set the tone for everything that follows, I want to make sure it's top notch.

  3. That yacht is looking great! A very unique design and much better than the old OTU Type Y yacht.