Friday, January 20, 2012

TM1 proofs arrived.

My proof copies of TM1 arrived Thursday night; I'm just now sitting down to get a good look at them, but I see a couple of apparent problems that I hadn't anticipated. For starters, the cover art is a LOT darker than I had anticipated, as are several of the internal pictures. My philosophy has always been "Do it right or don't do it at all." so I'm adjusting all of the problem children this weekend, as well as fixing a few minor typos and grammar problems this weekend. With any luck, I'll get it finished up this weekend and resubmitted to Lightning to start the process over again. As I said, it's a learning process at this point, so the print version will lag a few weeks from the electronic release (which, coincidentally, is already available on Still and all, I have to say it's a pretty amazing feeling to hold an actual book in your hand that has your name on it.


  1. With the cover, is it an RGB to CMYK issue?
    I remember doing the Sword Worlds cover for Steve Jackson I had to work in CMYK because that's what the printers used. That said, I often find things print darker than they appear, certainly on backlit LCD screens.

  2. It shouldn't be. The original render was done as a 300 dpi CMYK TIF file. It wasn't ever an RGB pic. I'm assuming at this point that it's a monitor-to-print issue, i.e. it just looks a lot brighter on my monitor, and things print darker than they appear.